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Innovative Social Technology

We are a bridge between communication students from low-income families and equally vulnerable social organizations (CSOs, cooperatives, social movements). ​


Students develop communication projects and products for organizations, free of charge and to support their institutional development and strengthening the cause. In addition to a paid internship, students gain leadership, protagonism and social awareness. ​


A beautiful ecosystem of social transformation. It is the impacted generating impact.



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And why is it a Social Technology?

Because we have a systematized methodology, built from the knowledge and experiences of students and the social organizations served, and successfully implemented for more than two years. We have four types of measurement indicators:

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They are quantitative and qualitative indicators (see home).

It is a Social Technology also because it can be reapplied with students at social risk from other areas of knowledge, such as Law, IT, Psychology, Administration, etc., on the same bridge with social organizations and with the same purpose of generating a positive impact on the world.

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