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About the organization

Created in 2020, the organization works to guarantee student access and retention for young black people from all over Brazil in educational institutions, through financial support via scholarships.

Organization objectives

Build institutional communication, in order to present yourself to the public in a strategic and assertive way and expand your asset capture.

Communication challenges

  • Build a narrative to tell the organization’s story and purpose in a more enchanting way

  • Show the activities carried out by the organization, as well as their importance and impact

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization on social media

  • Create a visual identity for the organization

  • Develop a product that helps the organization present itself to potential partners and investors

Products delivered

  • Inspiring narrative

  • Institutional website with the history, purpose and impact of the organization, as well as ways to support it

  • Communication plan by audience and channel

  • Logo redesign and visual identity construction

  • Institutional presentation of the organization to potential partners and investors

The Repartir Institute was one of the first institutions to welcome and support us in an institutional way, enhancing our cause through such an important axis: communication. We are grateful to the Institute and all its excellent professionals, who dedicated themselves to contributing to Afrofund!

(Tássia de Matos)


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