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Associação das Mulheres de Ponte dos Carvalhos

About the organization

It operates – since 2008 – to offer assistance support and opportunities for socioeconomic reintegration to single mothers and their families, in the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, in Pernambuco.

The goals

There were two main objectives of the Association. The first was to tell the story and all the work it does, highlighting the importance of embracing single mothers, so that these women are not invisible. The second objective was to increase the capture of financial and non-financial resources; get partners so that the work can go further.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a narrative that tells the history, context and impact of the Association

  • Show all the activities that the Association offers for women, guaranteeing basic rights

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Support fundraising work

Delivered products

  • Creating a clear narrative about the work of the organization

  • Creation of a website with the impact of the Association and the activities offered to women

  • Communication Plan structured by messages, audiences and channels

  • Institutional presentation for potential funders and partners

"The work carried out by Repartir is part of the realization of my greatest dream. Through an emotional narrative that has been crafted, I strongly believe that our work will achieve greater social impact. Thank you for believing that we are agents of transformation in this world." (Neide Salles)


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