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Associação de Moradores do Conjunto Santa Luzia

About the organization

The Association was born in the 1980s as a response to the poor performance of the public authorities, to guarantee quality of life for residents of the Uruguai neighborhood, who live miles away from the rest of the Itapagipe peninsula, in Salvador, Bahia.

The goals

The Association had two objectives – to bring together in a single narrative all the projects under its management; and that the Luiza Mahin Community School was nationally recognized as a transformed school.

Communication Challenges

  • Build an inspiring narrative for the Association, telling its struggle since the 1980s

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Present all the projects that are managed by the Association, with uniqueness in the logos

  • Build a specific communication for the Luiza Mahin Community School, presenting its transformative work

Delivered products

  • Creating a narrative about the organization's work

  • Construction of a new website

  • New logo for the Association and its projects, respecting what already existed

  • Communication Plan structured by messages, audiences and channels for the Association

  • Creation of an Instagram for the Luiza Mahin Community School, with a communication strategy by sections

"We express our gratitude to the students for their partnership and patience in organizing institutional communication work, respecting everyone's contributions. The digital strategy will assist us in acquiring new resources and showcasing to society how the history of our people - full of struggle - builds new partnerships that only add value, such as the one with Instituto Repartir." (Marilene da Conceição Nascimento)


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