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Banho Solidário Sampa

About the organization

Founded in 2019, Banho Solidário Sampa started its activities during the Covid pandemic, offering dignified baths - in a small truck - for homeless people, in different regions of the city of São Paulo. It donates clean clothes and shoes, offers beauty services - such as haircuts, distributes food and hygiene kits and, mainly, promotes a moment of active listening in which beneficiaries have the opportunity for a sincere and judgment-free conversation.

The goals

Enhance communication with potential investors and create institutional channels to present the organization's work.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a new narrative that told the organization's story more assertively

  • Show the activities developed during the actions and their importance

  • Support fundraising and volunteer work

  • Create offline communication with the aim of increasing the visibility of the work done by the organization, on an itinerant basis

Delivered products

  • Crafting a more enchanting narrative about the work of the organization

  • Creation of a website with the history, impact of the organization and the actions carried out for the homeless population of São Paulo

  • Institutional presentation for potential funders and partners

  • Institutional image bank production

  • Layout for the truck where the shower cabins are located

"During the whole process, we were constantly advised and supported in each of its evolution phases, always with a lot of dedication and sympathy from the whole team. And the final result could not have been better!!! We received a website, functional, easy to operate and impactful for those who visit. Our thanks to Repartir and all its collaborators." (Paulo Cesar Fernandes)


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