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Casa da Mulher Joanna de Ângelis

About the organization

The initiative began in São Paulo, in 1998, collecting toys, clothes and sweets for children on festive occasions. The project arrived in Salto in 2005, with the change of the organization's founding family. In 2018, the NGO's focus changes from children to women in vulnerable situations.

Organization objectives

The main objectives are to raise funds, have visibility in the city of Salto and attract more volunteers.

Communication challenges

  • Inspiring narrative that makes the organization's Purpose clearer

  • More structured communication planning

  • Communication for fundraising and volunteers

Products delivered

  • Inspiring narrative: why it works, how it works and what it does

  • Communication plan for social networks, with suggested visual identity for the feed

  • Creating highlights for social media

With a simple and objective interview, the proposal prepared included items that were outside our radar and that will certainly bring us better results when we put the strategic plan into operation. I was delighted with the dedication and professionalism with which the project was carried out.(Ana Paula Gimenez)

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