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Ciclo Reverso

About the organization

Ciclo Reverso appeared in 2006, in Rio Grande do Sul, as an alternative to guarantee a new life for solid waste generated by companies. The work is done with the help of vulnerable women from local communities, who are trained by the organization and, from this work, earn income and autonomy.

The goals

Have a more strategic communication for each of the audiences and channels it has, in order to attract more customers and partners, and be recognized as a national reference in the work it does.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a narrative that highlights the social and environmental spheres of the work done

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Maintain a close relationship with companies that are already partners and customers of the social business

Delivered products

  • Strong and charming narrative

  • Reformulation of the editorials and layout of the institutional website

  • Structuring a Communication Plan by audiences, messages and channels

  • Production of newsletter for customers and partners

"Repartir gave direction to our communication process, so that we could venture out – not only in organic growth, but also in the active search for customers and partners through social networks." (Liliane Linhares)


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