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Coletivo de Mulheres Creuza Oliveira

About the organization

Founded in 2016, the organization welcomes black women from the outskirts of Salvador who suffer all types of violation and abandonment, by promoting access to basic rights and services and offering literacy and professional training activities. The name of the organization is a living tribute to Creuza Oliveira, an activist fighting for the rights of domestic workers in Brazil.

The goals

The organization had two main objectives: to increase the fundraising of financial resources to generate more local impact and to increase the visibility of its cause and action in Brazil, in order to welcome black women from other regions of the country through quality information.

Communication Challenges

• Build a narrative that told the story, context and importance of the organization

• Show the collective's activities and impact to black women in their community

• Support fundraising work

• Establish a communication strategy for the organization

• Create a product that would help give national visibility to the cause of organization

Delivered products

• Creating an impact narrative about the organization's work

• Reformulation of the collective's institutional website, highlighting its impact and


• Creation of an online platform for fundraising

• Structuring of a Communication Plan for messages, audiences and channels

• Creation of a series of videos on themes latent to black women for WhatsApp and social media

Each person at Instituto Repartir had a lot of respect and love for us, black women. I am thrilled to see our story told through this narrative. There's a movie in your head! I didn't have the dimension of where we would reach and today we are recognized internationally. (Milca Martins)


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