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Casa Lar Aba Pai

About the organization

Located in the city of Benevides, Pará - a northern Brazilian state, the organization shelters at Casa Lar, children and adolescents that were taken from their families by the justice system due to some kind of vulnerability situation they were found at.

The goals

The communications strategy was developed to assist with two of the organization's pressing demands: to position the work they do as a benchmark and, from that, look for new financial investors.

Communications Challenges

  • Building an attractive narrative to tell the organization's story

  • Establishing a communications strategy for the organization

  • Supporting the organization's work on raising resources

Delivered products

  • Attractive narrative through a manifest video

  • Institutional presentation focused on raising resources

  • Message, market and channels structured communications plan

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

Want to know more about Casa Lar Aba Pai? Click here.

"It was a unique and fantastic experience for us because it gave us an outside perspective on how we communicated. We had amazing moments with the Repartir team, who provided us with important communication tools that are already yielding results. Our gratitude." (Ernani Brito dos Santos)


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