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About the organization

Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação (PACE) has been operating since 2006, offering art education courses to the community of São Gonçalo dos Campos, in the interior of Bahia, in order to promote empowerment and equal opportunities for people of all ages who live in the region.

Organization objectives

Work on the institution's brand, aiming to increase its recognition in the local community. Adjust external communication channels for moments of national repercussion, such as those the organization has already had the opportunity to have, and expand fundraising.

Communication challenges

  • Develop a new narrative that tells the organization’s story in a more charming, assertive and strategic way

  • Highlight the activities carried out by the organization and their importance, as well as ways to contribute to its work

  • Produce offline communication with the aim of increasing the organization's visibility in the local community and implementing an effective dissemination strategy for this communication

Products delivered

  • Logo redesign

  • Inspiring narrative

  • Institutional website with the history, purpose and impact of the organization, as well as ways to support it

  • Institutional image bank

  • Institutional flyer that presents the organization to the local public, as well as a strategy to publicize it

The work you do of uniting organizations with communication students is incredible. I found it super interesting and I would like to thank you for this partnership. The mapping you did was wonderful and will make our work easier. The visual identity, with wonderful colors, really suited us. Gratitude!" (Valdelice Cerqueira)


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