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Voluntários Fazendo Criança Sorrir

About the organization

With 24 years of work, the organization's purpose is to positively impact the reality of inhabitants of Complexo dos Bancários, at Ilha do Governador (RJ), which includes eight communities in extreme vulnerability conditions.

The goals

In need of strengthening the task of raising resources, we understood that the story of over two decades worth of work deserved to be told in a more attractive way along with a structured communications plan, which was something they didn't have.

Communications Challenges

  • Building an attractive narrative to tell the organization's story

  • Building a communications strategy for the organization

  • Establishing an institutional communications channel for the organization

  • Building a visual identity for the organization

Delivered products

  • Institutional website

  • Attractive narrative told through text on the institutional website

  • Logo

  • Message, market and channels structured communications plan

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

"After 23 years, Instituto Repartir fulfilled one of our dreams: the creation of a website, an important step to promote our projects. I also want to express my gratitude for transforming our social media platforms with a strategic plan. On behalf of the families, children, and volunteers, thank you." (Ana Paula da Cruz)


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