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Guri na Roça

About the organization

Designed for environmental education and expanded to more integral human development, Guri na Roça, founded in 1999 by Luciana Ferreira, is an after-school project with care methodology for children and adolescents in the Veraneio Ijal neighborhood.

Organization objectives

Communication was developed within two objectives defined by the organization: attracting new financial investors by telling its beautiful story and supporting young people who leave the project on their journey to the world of work.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a compelling narrative to tell the organization’s story

  • More structured and assertive communication across audiences and channels

  • Support young people who leave Guri and demand information about new study and career possibilities.

Products delivered

  • Compelling narrative told through a 4-minute video

  • Communication Plan structured by messages, audiences and channels

  • Creation of the Guri no Mundo digital booklet to support and guide young people who leave the project in their search for a place in the world of work

  • Training for autonomous operation of the Communication plan

Having people who can look at us and see that we need support is wonderful. It’s a ray of sunshine that comes in and says ‘we’re together’. This is fantastic. It gives us strength, feeds us with faith and courage to follow.(Luciana Ferreira)

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