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Instituto Pirilampos

About the organization

It has been operating since 2007, providing shelter and guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents living in vulnerable situations in the State of Roraima. It promotes ludic-recreational activities and human development.

The goals

Increase fundraising and create a new narrative to tell the Institute's story, decentralizing its image of clowning and work carried out only for migrants and people in refugee situations.

Communication Challenges

  • Develop a new narrative that would tell the organization's story in a more assertive and strategic way

  • Build a communication plan by public and channel to decentralize the communication of only one action project

  • Create a product to present the organization to potential partners and investors

  • Produce offline communication with the aim of increasing the visibility of the organization within the State

Delivered products

  • The most enchanting narrative about the organization's work in guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents living in Roraima

  • Communication Plan by audience and channel

  • Institutional presentation for potential funders and partners

  • Flyer presenting the organization to the general public

"The material produced by Instituto Repartir was an objective response to the challenge of making our work more accessible to our followers and potential volunteers and supporters. Gratitude for the effort and support in these months of construction!" (Márcio Ribeiro)

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