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Mães da Resistência

About the organization

The Mães da Resistência Collective was born in 2021 and is present in 13 states of Brazil and the Federal District. It brings together and welcomes more than 600 mothers who fight for the rights of their LGBTQIAPN+ children.

The goals

The Coletivo's main objective was to disseminate its existence nationally, in support of mothers and families of LGBTQIAPN+ children. Another need was assertive communication with the mothers, as well as literacy on the subject.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a narrative about the importance of mothers resisting and fighting for the rights of their LGBTQIAPN+ children

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Communication with mothers who come to the Literacy Collective regarding the topic

Delivered products

  • Production of an inspiring manifesto on the importance of Mães da Resistência

  • Communication Plan structured by messages, audiences and channels

  • Creation of a literacy booklet for mothers and family members who resist

  • Suggestion of an editorial line for the existing TikTok channel

"Fighting for the LGBTQIAPN+ cause often places us in a position of great solitude. Even surrounded by others, we feel alone. Finding allies, partners, and people who value our struggle is a huge challenge that we don't always achieve. Instituto Repartir arrives at a moment to motivate us, to make us believe in the impossible as the only path we should aspire to reach. We are very excited, happy, and above all, touched by everything that is being delivered in this partnership. A true rainbow on a horizon of hope, resistance, and love. Gratitude!" (Gi Carvalho)


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