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About the organization

Since 2009, it has been working to transform the reality of girls who are victims of sexual violence, through artistic activities, into a safe and welcoming environment, which little by little encourages them to build their identity, recover their self-esteem and dream again without fear.

The goals

Meninadança gained recognition for her work in Casas Rosas with girls who live along the BR-116, the “Rodovia da Exploração”. But its performance is much greater, especially after the expansion of the organization to cities beyond the limits of the BR-116. The main need was to tell its story beyond the Casas Rosas.

Communication Challenges

  • Build a narrative that tells the story, projects and activities of the organization, beyond Casas Rosas

  • Have institutional material that could be presented to potential partners, showing the dimension of the organization's work

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Develop a product that would communicate the counterculture work to the community, using easy language and impactful data

Delivered products

  • Creating a narrative about the work of the organization

  • Creation of texts for the website

  • Communication Plan structured by messages, audiences and channels

  • Institutional presentation with the new narrative

  • Illustrated booklet based on mistaken beliefs, with real data

"Every day, Meninadança is involved with many stories, some joyful, others not so much. With this, we face a dilemma that has become a challenge: How do we tell people what we do and how we do it? That's where Repartir came in. With great patience, sensitivity, and generosity, they have helped us in this task. But not only that, together we have created a guidebook to do so much more. And through it, we can share many other stories." (Warlei Torezani)

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