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Mulheres de Peito e Cor

About the organization

From the founder's, Jacqueline Faria, personal experience, in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, a black women breast cancer victims’ prevention and care center movement is born. Beyond physical health, it works with these women's self-esteem and socioeconomics reintegration.

The goals

The communications plan was created based on the organization's main goal: to reach more women with information and awareness to the cause, in Rio de Janeiro and all of Brazil, focusing on the three pillars of action - health, self-esteem and socioeconomics reintegration.

Communications Challenges

  • Creating a structured communications plan per market, channels and content

  • Prospecting community leaderships in specific neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro to help amplify the work locally

  • Developing products for this direct communication with the benefiting women

  • Strategy to take this information and awareness to the cause everywhere in Brazil

Delivered products

  • Market, channels and content structured communications plan

  • Identification and dialogue with community leaderships of Laranjeiras, Catete and Lins de Vasconcelos to introduce the project and amplify the assistance

  • Creation of a manifest with the Mulheres de Peito e Cor purpose

  • Creation of street posters and other forms of communication with information about the cause to new communities

  • Renovation of the blog with a posting calendar and an array of content to debate about the theme of breast cancer in black women on a national level

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

The partnership with Instituto Repartir had

us begin to dream and think about many

communications possibilities.

The young people of Repartir

are great. (Jacqueline Faria)

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