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Quilombo Quebra-Chifre

About the organization

Village recognized as a quilombo since 2011 by Fundação Palmares, Quebra-Chifre honors its ancestors through their culture. Quilombo Empreende is their fist social business, supported by Instituto Camargo Corrêa and Extensão Amazônia.

The goals

With the social business that allied cultural rescue to revenue generation, the association felt the need to up the exposure of the work by supporting the costume jewelry and basketry sales throughout Brazil. Communications thus becomes a strategic ally of Quilombo Empreende.

Communications Challenges

  • Having a specific visual identity for the Quilombo Empreende project

  • Having an institutional space to tell the quilombo and the project's story

  • A more structured and assertive communications strategy per market and channels

  • Communication that intensifies sales and generates income to the women

Delivered products

  • Creation of a visual identity for the Quilombo Empreende project

  • Creation of the website with the stories of both Quebra-Chifre and Quilombo Empreende with a narrative capable of rescuing the power of their culture and ancestry

  • Message, market and channels structured communications plan

  • Creation of a virtual store and product sales through the website and WhatsApp

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

"Instituto Repartir was a game changer for us. We learned a lot. We already were on social media, but didn't know how to use the platforms to reach a bigger audience for our products. We, female entrepreneurs of Quebra-Chifre, are eternally grateful." (Alcilene Rosa)


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