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Rádio e TV Quilombo

About the organization

Rádio e TV Quilombo has been a popular communication vehicle since 2017, in Quilombo Rampa, Maranhão. Through media production made by and for quilombolas, the organization provides visibility, perpetuates culture and transforms local reality.

Organization objectives

Create institutional communication that guarantees greater visibility and recognition for Rádio e TV Quilombo, in order to help it gain authority in the work it does and reach a larger audience, expanding its positive impact.

Communication challenges

  • Build a narrative that guarantees emphasis on the organization's purpose, as well as the positive impact it generates on the quilombola community

  • Restructure the website content, directing communication more effectively and strategically to the external audience, with a focus on fundraising

  • Develop a communication strategy that positions the organization as a reference, aiming to increase its engagement on social networks

Products delivered

  • Strong and charming narrative construction

  • Reformulation of the editorials, layout and texts of the institutional website

  • Structuring a Communication Plan by audiences, messages and channels

"Now we can make Rádio e TV Quilombo even more our own! The work of Instituto Repartir helped us to continue breaking barriers through popular communication, pushing us to take new heights, such as the possibility of income and the realization of new dreams." (Raimundo José da Silva Leite)


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