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Rádio Mixtura

About the organization

Rádio Mixtura arose from the need to record and communicate the conversations, stories, experiences and potential that emerge from the ravines, making them resonate and reach more people. The idea started at Espaço Comunidade, where samba circles took place. It had repercussion and acceptance from local members and the community, which led Jaime "Diko" Lopes, creator, to make Rádio Mixtura official.

Organization objectives

The main objectives are to have effective and strategic institutional communication and to have communication for a younger audience.

Communication challenges

  • Institutional narrative

  • Communication planning and strategy for social networks

  • Strengthen communication with younger audiences

Products delivered

  • Inspiring narrative: why it works, how it works and what it does

  • Communication plan for social networks, with suggested visual identity for the feed

  • Creating highlights for social media


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