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Saberes no Pano

About the organization

In 1985, sisters and teachers Mirtes and Marly founded the Associação Movimento de Mulheres do Jardim Comercial to support socially vulnerable women and their children, who needed special assistance to improve their learning abilities in school.

The goals

The communication was strategically thought out to amplify the exposure of the art produced by these women, such as books and educational games embroidered in cloth, making more sales and more revenue for the impacted women.

Communications Challenges

  • Building an attractive narrative for a beautiful work of over 30 years of history

  • Having a visual identity for the Saberes no Pano brand

  • A more structured and assertive communications strategy per market and channels

  • Communication that intensifies sales and generates income to the women

Delivered products

  • New narrative based on the organization's purpose, its deliveries and impacts

  • New visual identity for the Saberes no Pano brand

  • Message, market and channels structured communications plan

  • New website with the story of each product sold in the virtual store

  • Sales oriented digital catalogue to present the products

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

Our brand Saberes no Pano needed a spark to shine more and this spark came through Instituto Repartir, that brainstormed with us and found ways to strengthen our communication. Just think about my joy and everyone else's that know our work. We started to have a lot more exposure. We are immensely grateful. (Mirtes Souza)


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