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Tenda da Solidariedade

About the organization

Founded in 2013 by Danielle Pires, Tenda da Solidariedade was born as a reading incentive project for the children of Jandira (SP) and by actively listening to the community, she expanded the focus and now offers culture and education courses to people of all ages.

The goals

Looking to diversify the ways of fundraising, the organization felt the need to build an institutional communications plan because, even though it has 9 years of history, there was never a structured communications work.

Communications Challenges

  • Building an attractive narrative to tell the organization's story

  • Building a communications strategy for the organization

  • Establishing an institutional communications channel for the organization

Delivered products

  • Attractive narrative told through a 4 minute video

  • Message, market and channels structured communications plan

  • Institutional website

  • Training for an independent operation of the communications plan

"The work carried out by Instituto Repartir has changed the way our partners perceive our work. We used to do a lot, but we didn't know how to promote and demonstrate the impact, and we understand how important that is for the growth of social organizations, especially for fundraising. Today, we are able to tell our story in an objective manner. We have already secured several partnerships through our institutional video and even raised funds through our website on Giving Day. Gratitude!" (Dany Pires)


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