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Our History

The story of Instituto Repartir begins with the encounter of two wishes.

Journalist and writer Emerson Couto spent years talking to journalism students from all over Brazil. He listened to dreams and distresses. What if we can't finish our studies? What if we can't get a job? A much bigger challenge if the student comes from a low-income family, if they are black, if they don't speak other languages, or haven't studied in the "top schools".


Why not create an inclusion and employability project to young communicators?

Journalist and pedagogue, Luciana Alvarez dedicated years of her life as a communications and ESG executive in big companies. She led projects that have impacted the lives of thousands of people and she saw the pain of small social organizations with the beautiful causes they fought for, but with no support at all. 

Why not create a project to embrace those social organizations?

Luciana and Emerson decided to connect the talent and potential of this youth to the social organizations that couldn't afford communication projects.

If communication is the bridge, Instituto Repartir is the merry crossing.

Repartir, which is the Brazilian Portuguese word for share, is a strong verb. It gives the idea of sharing opportunities. The name comes form the song “É tudo pra ontem”, from the Brazilian rap artist Emicida. "Viver é partir, voltar e repartir (Living is leaving, coming back and sharing)."

Luciana Alvarez e Emerson Couto

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