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Lar Dona Vera

About the organization

Lar Dona Vera has been operating for over 26 years in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, offering institutional shelter for children aged 0 to 10 who have been separated from their families by the State because they are in a situation of social vulnerability.

Organization objectives

Structure your institutional communication, in order to guarantee greater visibility for your work and expand your fundraising.

Communication challenges

  • Develop a new narrative that summarizes to the public, in a quick, charming and strategic way, the purpose of the organization and the importance of the work it performs

  • Develop a communication strategy that positions the organization as a reference in the work it does in Curitiba, aiming to increase its engagement on social networks

  • Produce offline communication that helps the organization reach more people in the local community so they can support its work

Products delivered

  • Enchanting narrative told through video

  • Communication matrix by audience and channel

  • Institutional flyer


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