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Wyka Kwara

About the organization

The Wyka Kwara organization has been working for more than 10 years to welcome indigenous people living in an urban context in Brazil, in order to support them in the challenges of socioeconomic integration in cities, as well as engaging them in the struggle to build Territories of Good Live for your people in the urban environment.

Organization objectives

Structure your communication for the external public, in order to expand your fundraising opportunities, as well as expand communication with your target audience, indigenous people in an urban context, so that not only the organization's members are welcomed in their challenges in the cities.

Communication challenges

  • Develop a new narrative that tells the organization's story in a more charming, assertive and strategic way

  • Highlight the activities carried out by the organization and their importance, as well as ways to contribute to its work

  • Produce a communication that brings together the main information that any indigenous person in an urban context should have access to in order to live a less challenging reality in cities

Products delivered

• Enchanting narrative

Institutional website with the organization's history, purpose and areas of activity, as well as information about its cause and ways to support it

Welcome booklet for indigenous people living in an urban context, in digital and offline version

The products made by Instituto Repartir were beautiful! Our website became much more organized, punctuating what should be punctuated, and the reinterpretation they did in the design part, talking to our brand, was also great. I am very happy with the work and delighted with everything that happened through our connection.(Kwarahy Tenetehar)


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