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Antes Que Seja Tarde

About the organization

Founded by young people from Cidade Tiradentes, far east of São Paulo, in 2014, Antes Que Seja Tarde (AQST) is a response to the lack of culture and leisure spaces in the region. By offering sociocultural activities, the organization aims to empower children and young people to have dreams and be proponents of their own history.

Organization objectives

Create institutional communication that strategically presents the work done by Antes Que Seja Tarde, in order to give greater visibility to the projects it promotes on the outskirts of SP and support its fundraising to facilitate and expand its activities.

Communication Challenges

  • Build assertive and strategic communication

  • Create support material to attract assets, such as resources and volunteers

  • Establish a visual identity for the organization, which speaks to its purpose and work

Products delivered

  • Logo redesign and visual identity creation

  • Strong and charming narrative construction

  • Institutional website creation

  • Creation of an institutional presentation

"AQST has always been present in the ravines of the East Zone of São Paulo, but it is only now that we have formalized our work through communication and image. We are grateful to Instituto Repartir, which made it possible for our dream to increasingly become a reality." (Rubens da Silva Vieira)


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