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About the organization

Founded in 2020, the Frente Ampla Democrática por Direitos Humanos (FADDH) is formed by a group of volunteer lawyers who came together for the purpose of acting voluntarily in cases of violation of Human Rights. The work takes place through advocacy, education and strategic litigation actions.

Organization goals

Increase the visibility of the work carried out by the organization and become a reference in its area of ​​activity for the media and the general public.

Communication challenges

  • Build a narrative to tell the organization's story and purpose more assertively

  • Show the activities carried out, their importance and impact

  • Establish a communication strategy for the organization

  • Start an approximation and relationship work with the press

Delivered products

  • Enchanting narrative

  • Website with the history, purpose and impact of the organization's work

  • Communication planning by audience and channel

  • Institutional release

"We joined the social function developed by Repartir with the objectives of FADDH. There could be no better match! We are very happy with the result and would very much like to maintain this partnership." (Flávio Bastos)

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